Our commitment to you means that your equipment and the operator work safely together.  With that in mind, PLM presents the most effective, reliable and easy to install powerline detection system to hit the pipeline industry – The Powerline Proximity System by Cranesmart.

Equipment Safety.  Made Simple.
Improving jobsite safety means being on the right side of powerlines – every time.  The Powerline Proximity System will help you do just that.  Available as a stand-alone unit, or in conjunction with LMI systems for pipelayers, this innovative solution will wirelessly send a visual and audio alarm to the operator that warns in real-time of potential hazards.  The unit is easily installed on any machine operating near powerlines in thirty minutes.  See additional features listed below or download the product brochure to your right.



Key Features

  • Factory calibrated to certification level accuracy
  • Built tough to handle all weather extremes and temperatures
  • Quick, easy installation on any machine in 30 minutes
  • Top notch service is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years
  • Five-year battery life, replaced free for the life of the system
  • Visual and audio alarm very clearly warns operators in real-time of potential hazards
  • Output available to enable machine function kick-outs
  • New touchscreen allows for quick component calibration, easy navigation of all system menus, component calibrations, limit settings and customizable supervisor access modes
Home-Screen-Powerline-Alarm-PNGThe Powerline Proximity System by Cranesmart uses the same monitor / screen as the LMI 4 Pipelayer System (load monitoring indicator).  So if your machine is already set-up for the LMI 4*, then all you need is the proximity device for the powerline proximity warning to show up on your screen.

*All new Cat PL series pipelayers come standard with the LMI 4 Pipelayer System set-up.  Activation required for use.

For more information or to place an order please see your account manager.  If you are a new customer please contact the PLM Parts Department at:
Phone:   +1-713-580-8417