Cat PL61 Pipelayer

Engineered for reliable production on the most challenging job-sites, the Cat® PL61 pipelayer (sideboom) high horsepower and rugged components are designed for tough and varied working conditions. This sideboom offers the reliability and durability expected from Cat pipelayers.

The PL61 pipelayer features electronically independent power and control of each track for fast acceleration, infinitely variable speed control and on-the-go direction changes for each track. When soil conditions are sandy or muddy, the pipelayer maintains proper track tension, extending the system life of the pipelayer and reducing operating costs at the same time. The purpose-built undercarriage gives added stability on uneven ground.

Features & Information

  • Boom and hook draw works are driven by independent hydraulic winches.
  • Oil-disc brakes provide smooth operation and positive retention of boom and hook positions
  • Modular design allows fast replacement, easy field service and testing.
  • High parts interchangeability between hook and boom winch assemblies.
  • Infinitely variable speed controls for both boom and hook allow precise control.
  • Counterweight is extended hydraulically for improved load balance and clearance
  • Counterweight segments are contoured to provide a low center of gravity and enhanced forward and right side viewing area. Segments are splined to the counterweight assembly for ease of assembly and disassembly.
  • Able to tow wide range of attachments.
  • 5.5 m (18 ft) Boom is standard equipment with large box section.
  • Replaceable, boom-mount bearings.
  • High tensile strength steel construction.
  • Light weight for increased payload.
  • Durable for long life.
Blocks and Hook.
  • Heavy-duty lifting components include the following:
  • Hook and boom blocks with sealed roller bearings.
  • Forged hook with latch and serviceable handle.
  • Ductile iron sheaves.
  • High performance cable for improved life, crush resistance, flexibility and strength.

In addition to a complete line of Caterpillar pipelayers, sidebooms, track-type tractors (dozers)excavators and motor graders, PLM is the exclusive distributor of Vanguard Continuously Powered Welding tractors, Wet Decks (hydraulic conversion kits for Caterpillar pipelayers) and Combo tractors (pipelayer attachments on D6 Caterpillar tractors). For more information, please contact your PLM account manager or click here to contact us.

pl61 pipelayer sideboom