AccuGrade® Grade Control System simplifies digging, improves accuracy, increases productivity, minimizes material usage, and lowers operating costs.

Excavate with greater accuracy and control using AccuGrade technology solutions for hydraulic excavators. In-cab guidance features allow operators to quickly excavate trenches, slopes and complex designs without traditional survey stakes.

AccuGrade Features

AccuGrade delivers a wide range of customer benefits designed to increase operator efficiency and productivity, improve accuracy, reduce material costs, reduce surveying and labor costs, and lower overall operating costs.  The

AccuGrade ARO machine simplifies system installation and reduces machine downtime. The AccuGrade system is designed and integrated into the machine system to optimize performance and reliability.   

The GPS System uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites to allow for precise digging and slope control. An indicate only display and light bars help guide the operator to achieve high accuracy bucket positioning.


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