Cat 71H Pipelayer

ENGINE           POWER - NET                  LIFT CAPACITY
Cat® C7.1        166 hp / 124 kW             60,000 lb. / 27 215 kg

The 71H pipelayer was engineered with the support of Caterpillar and the expertise of Vanguard Equipment Inc., to create a utility-capacity pipelayer.  The specifications of the 71H makes it the preferred choice for utility type tasks on a pipeline job-site that include lifting, handling and laying down pipe. The compact design of the counterweight provides maximum lift capability and optimum weight distribution. The 71H is also ready to be outfitted for tasks such as welding.

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Features & Information

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    • Emissions Technology.  The 71H pipelayer meets the U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final / Stage IV emission standards.  The emissions reduction technology is designed to be transparent – no action required from the operator and no stopping for regeneration, this happens automatically in the background while you work.
    • Performance.  The 71H features standard electro-hydraulic control for enhanced precision and response. Heavy duty undercarriage is well-suited to aggressive applications like side-slopes, pipeline construction or working in rocky and uneven terrain. 
    • Safety.   Standard Roll Over Protection Structures (ROPS) that is rated for the Gross Machine Weight of the pipelayer.  A Cranesmart Load Monitoring Indicator (LMI) is available for the PL61, which will wirelessly feed the operator accurate load information.  Check regional regulations for LMI requirements.

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