The Cranesmart Pipelayer System

PLM teamed up with Cranesmart to provide the pipeline industry with the first wireless load monitoring indicator (LMI) system for pipelayers. The Cranesmart Pipelayer System enables contractors to manage a safer and more efficient jobsite. With precise load management details available to operators at all times, the system significantly reduces the potential for costly and dangerous overloading, tip-overs, roll-overs and other jobsite accidents. It also enhances safer working conditions for ground personnel and reduces equipment damage due to overloading and extreme steep slope operations. The Cranesmart LMI offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability in the industry, with load and angle readings accurate to within +/-1%. Technical specifications are flexible to meet any customer's specific needs.

Features and Benefits

With the Pipelayer System, contractors can:

Eliminate operator guesswork. The Pipelayer System provides operators with the precise load management information they need to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Increase jobsite safety. Instant, accurate load data prevents tip-overs, roll-overs and equipment damage due to overloading and extreme steep slope operations.

Reach Compliance. The Pipelayer System is fully CE Compliant. The system has been designed for the simplest adaptation to LMI compliance as possible – a distinct advantage as more load monitoring/load moment legislation is enacted around the world.

Reduce downtime. No matter how remote the location, the Pipelayer System’s wireless components can be serviced 24/7 through Cranesmart’s phone system. Most service issues can be resolved within 24-48 hours.

Accurate, reliable, smart technology

Cranesmart1With the Pipelayer System, dynamic load information is relayed from wireless transmitters to an easy to read cab-mounted display panel.

System components consist of:

  • load pin
  • boom angle indicator
  • four-axis slope indicator
  • anti-2-block alarm (optional)
  • operator display panel

No moving parts. With no exposed wires or other mechanical relays, the Pipelayer System’s solid state construction and no moving parts ensures increased reliability over other LMI systems, which can be bulky, difficult to install, hard to manage and less accurate.

Easy to install. With no cables or wires to the boom or tractor, installation is fast and easy. Systems are shipped complete with simple instructions and all the mounting hardware required for quick installation. Most installs can be completed in as little as two hours without the assistance of specialized tools or service technicians, minimizing installation costs.

Purpose-built. Engineered specifically for pipelayer machines, the Pipelayer System is fully adaptable to new or used equipment, with OEM load chart information programmed specific to each model of pipelayer.


Clear, easy-to-use display. User-friendly RAM display mounting kit can be installed almost anywhere on the equipment – in-cab or not. The display can be set to accommodate multiple languages and can toggle between imperial and metric units. When operating in out-of-level ground conditions, the display indicates the slope in degrees and can be programmed to provide tipping alarms.

The following display information is available to operators:

  • Actual boom overhang
  • Actual load on the hook
  • Percentage of maximum rated load
  • Maximum rated load
  • Tip height
  • Boom angle
  • Boom length
  • Parts-of-line
  • Four axis ground slope indication

Anti-2-block protection

The Pipelayer System also offers optional anti-2-block protection. This feature includes a simple, wireless anti-2-block switch, which swivels freely to travel in the direction of the wire rope and a chain and trigger-weight.

Operators typically concentrate on the load on the hook, not the proximity of the hanging blocks. The anti-2-block function provides audible and visual alarms on the display panel just before the two hanging blocks come together, eliminating equipment damage and increasing safety for ground personnel.

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